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  About Us  

Dongguan Jiekai packaging materials Limited is a company specializing in the production of glass packaging products, services in the glass industry manufacturers.

The company has deep processing of glass packaging products, cork pad, is the company's innovation breakthrough, to fill the domestic and foreign glass deep processing market packaging products blank, so that the glass packaging reduces the cost, improves the work efficiency of glass packaging. The company now has three cork gasket production line, has a monthly production of fifty thousand square metre gasket production capacity, can satisfy customer demand at home and abroad. In twenty-first Century the market economy competition is intense with each passing day, the company survive by quality. " To provide quality products, lower product prices, improve customer service, continuous development " is our quality policy. Sincere service, preferential prices, please hand in hand Jake. Jake looks forward to working with you for your cooperation!

JK-S series gasket
The JK-SB model
The JK-P model
The JK-TD model
The JK-TC model
The JK-TA model
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Dongguan Jiekai packing material limited company

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